old barn and garlicMoonshine Acres, LLC is operational at MoonStar Farm. We are a small family owned and operated farm. A passion for the land and a dedication to growing and developing great products for our family and community is the reason that growing naturally is our mission.

One of the goals of Moonshine Acres, LLC is to create an environment that demonstrates sustainability. We begin with the care of the land on which we grow our food and the feed for the animals that we raise. We practice ways to recycle and use all of the elements that a self sustaining farm produces. Free range chickens, farm fresh eggs, grass-fed beef and goats, naturally raised pork, and delicious produce are our specialty. MoonStar Goat Milk Soaps and Lotions are creative additions to our products, made with the milk from our own goats. http://www.moonstarqualityproducts.com 

Our animals are rotationally grazed thereby assuring the health of the land and the animals. Sunsets enjoyed on the front porch with a glass of lemonade are a celebration of life on the farm. Come join us! (Farm Tours)


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