Veggies Too

Grown Naturally

The Gypsy & The Hermit, aka, Nana and Papa grow the vegetables and herbs at MoonStar Farm. Papa has been growing good nutritious food for the family as long as the rest of the family can remember. Growing naturally, in his words, “is just the right way to do it.” Having learned how to grow good food without herbicides and pesticides from his grandfather, there was no question that Papa would continue to do the same and pass on his knowledge about growing produce, and his idea that if you take from the land you need to give the land something back. Being sustainable is the “today” way of talking about something he has been doing all of his life. The kind of vegetables and herbs grown are chosen for flavor and usefulness and not because they may have a long shelf life. Garlic is just one of the specialties enjoyed by local chefs.

Market Stand

Grown Locally

Growing locally means that the vegetables are common to our growing season and natural to our environment. It also means that we are not wasting energy by transporting it long distances from where it is grown. Picked fresh and ready for customers here at the farm or at the local farm markets insures that we are selling the very best product and it can be on our customer’s tables on the same day. Papa’s experience and knowledge and his dedication to care of the earth provide the best quality produce that is natural and grown with pride. Herbs and produce are handled with skill and care, just ask Papa’s grandkids! They have lots of stories to share.

Grown Organically

We grow our vegetables using organic methods. We use no synthetically produced fertilizers or pesticides. We feed the soil, not the plants. Healthy soil produces pest and disease resistant vegetables. Our fertilizer comes from our own compost and our own animals.

We welcome Farm Tours and Papa is always ready to answer questions about his unique growing style.

farm tours
market veggie display table
farm table of plants
planting at the farm