Why Eat Pasture Raised Beef?

Our meat is raised using the principals of biodiversity, or as we like to describe it "from weed to feed". The animals graze on diverse pastures, consuming a blend of grasses, herbs,& prairie plants while taking in the sun's energy to produce lean, flavorful meat. Our animals are raised without the use of growth hormones or unnecessary antibiotics. During the winter, small amounts of non-GMO grain are added to the steers' diet to increase marbling in the meat and to maintain a favorable CLA and Omega 3 profile while the animal is consuming dry forage.

Current studies suggest that grass-fed beef is rich in Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). Conjugated linoleic acid is: anti-carcinogenic, reduces body fat, anti-diabetic, and anti-arteriosclerosis (heart disease). Further, naturally raised grass-fed beef may have 300 percent more Vitamin C, 75 percent more Omega 3 fatty acids, 78 percent more Beta Carotene and 400 percent more Vitamin A than conventionally raised feedlot beef. Grass-fed beef is lower in fat and higher in protein. Overall, the fat content of grass-fed beef is similar to chicken.

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